At the 2024 International Conference on Emergency Medicine, David Hung-Tsang Yen, MD, PhD, will present a poster featuring the PaRTI-Seq assay entitled “Optimization of Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing (mNGS) Workflow for Enhanced Sepsis Diagnosis”. 

Study results show PaRTI-Seq, a gDNA-based mNGS assay that includes the Devin Host Depletion filter, effectively reduced host DNA background leading to a substantial enrichment in microbial reads. This enhancement in assay sensitivity may contribute to improved sepsis diagnosis. 

Results Summary:

  • Effective Host Depletion: The Devin filter reduced host DNA background in gDNA-based mNGS workflows, which led to a significant enrichment in microbial reads, potentially improving the sensitivity of sepsis diagnosis.
  • Superior Performance of Genomic DNA (gDNA) workflows: The gDNA mNGS with filter successfully recovered the expected microbial reads 100% of the time.
  • Limited impact of cfDNA assays: cfDNA was not amenable to host depletion, and its associated effect on microbial reads enrichment was minimal.

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