Supporting Symbiosis Through Metagenomic Innovations

Increasing Challenges in Infectious Disease Diagnosis

Even today, with a multitude of tests and technologies, the exact cause of infectious diseases can go undiagnosed. Understanding bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites depends on comprehensive genomic information, which is why we believe metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing (mNGS) is the key to discovering how microorganisms influence our health and ensure sustainability.    


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Realizing the Promise of Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing (mNGS)

With mNGS, accurate diagnosis can be made, plus rare, novel or unexpected pathogens can be identified. Yet, mNGS is not yet widely used in research or clinical settings for a number of technical and cost issues. At Micronbrane Medical, we take a systematic approach to removing any barriers to ubiquitous use of mNGS, from collection to action, to revolutionize the study, diagnosis, tracking and treatment of infectious diseases.

Perfecting the Process

Products for all sample
types and any

Novel host depletion
and microbial

mNGS-grade reagents

Genomic DNA assays
(not cell-free DNA)

Trustworthy analysis
and reporting

Cost and resource efficient

Expanding mNGS Applications

Microbiome Research

  • Detect known and novel microorganisms
  • Know your real microbial signals
  • Study more samples for same cost
  • Lower bias, accurate results
  • Ensure accurate data analysis

Filter First. Sequence Better.

Devin™ Host Depletion Filters

  • >99% nucleated cell removal

Devin™ Microbial Enrichment Kit

  • 10-1000 fold increase in microbial reads

Unison™ Ultralow Library Prep Kit

  • Only need 5 million reads
  • Deeper reads for AMR profiling


  • Free data download

Clinical Microbiology

  • Protect samples and lab personnel from contamination
  • Reduce hands-on time
  • Benefit from higher diagnostic yield
  • Achieve <24-hour TAT

Accelerate Accurate Diagnosis

Collection Devices

  • Custom-made swabs and rapid diagnostic kits

Devinu2122 Microbial Enrichment Kit

  • >99% leukocyte reduction in < 5 minutes
  • 10-1000 fold microbial enrichment

Unisonu2122 Ultralow Library Prep Kit

  • Fast, tagmentation-based genomic DNA (gDNA) library construction


  • 30-minute reporting TAT

Biotechnology Advances

  • Detect antibiotic resistance genes
  • Identify genes encoding bioactive compounds
  • Improve sterility testing with faster, more complete data

Identify and Develop New Therapies

Devinu2122 Host Depletion Filter

  • Remove nucleated host cells

Devinu2122 Microbial Enrichment Kit

  • 10-1000 fold microbial enrichment

Unisonu2122 Ultralow Library Prep Kit

  • Compatible with NGS, 16S RNA sequencing, qPCR and end-point PCR and any metagenomic NGS application including WGS


  • <30-minute results
  • Automatic cut-offs

Industrial Processes

  • Facilitate novel enzyme development
  • Identify agriculturally important microbes
  • Monitor wastewater for outbreaks
  • Test food safety
  • Sterility Testing

Accelerate Accurate Diagnosis

Devinu2122 Host Depletion Filter

  • >99% host leukocyte depletion

Devinu2122 Microbial Enrichment Kit

  • 10-1000 fold microbial enrichment

Unisonu2122 Ultralow Library Prep Kit

  • High-quality and high-yieldu00a0 genomic DNA (gDNA) assays


  • Results in <30-minutes>
  • Automatic cut-offs and abundance distributions

Proving the Value


Evaluation of a mNGS Assay with Novel Host Depletion Method for Pathogen Identification in Septic Patients


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