Microbiome Research

Metagenomics provides a culture-free approach for generating complete microbiome profiles quickly and cost-effectively. Nonetheless, researchers face several challenges to integrate mNGS workflows for microbiome profiling and diagnostics research. To fully realize the potential of metagenomics, Micronbrane Medical developed a suite of tools that eliminate these drawbacks one by one. 

Filter First

The Devin Fractionation filter reduces the sequencing of host reads commonly found in bodily fluids.

The Unison Ultralow Library Kit streamlines library preparations for low-input DNA extracts while minimizing contamination.

Sequence Better

Our highly-curated PaRTI-Cular bioinformatics software generates accurate microbiome profiles quickly, helping you produce results and publish robust research.

Altogether, our solutions offers research institutions a reliable, efficient, and affordable way to accelerate or implement mNGS.

We have researchers globally using PaRTI-Seq to evaluate:

Microbial diversity and community structure

Genetic and evolutionary relationships

Phylogenetic analysis, strain‐level typing

Antigenic epitope characterization

Host-microorganism interactions

Microbial relationships with the environment

Clinical Microbiology

We believe a hypothesis-free, unbiased approach to pathogen identification would be a paradigm shift in clinical microbiology.  While our products are currently for Research Use Only (RUO), in many countries, hospitals are validating the PaRTI-Seq assay for clinical implementation.

The PaRTI-Seq assay is especially ideal when culture takes too long or there is a high percent of negative cultures that impact patient recovery or extend hospital stays.  Most importantly, medical practice needs a single test, like mNGS, that has the capacity to identify bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and other pathogens at the same time to facilitate diagnosis and to save overall healthcare costs.

Differentiate your lab with easy-to-use mNGS grade products.

Clinical labs are using our solutions for:

Rapid Sepsis Testing

Urinary Tract Infections

Endophthalmitis Infections​

CNS Infections

Synovial Fluid Infection