Micronbrane Medical Raises $4.5M in Series A

TAIPEI — Micronbrane Medical has raised $4.5 millions of investment in A round led by CDIB Capital International which operates on multiple markets in Asia and North America and has $1.2 BN+ in total asset under management.

Micronbrane Medical, established in Feb 2020, is the first company in Taiwan focusing on clinical pathogen diagnostic test using NGS and its own host depletion technologies with global patent.

Company already launched two commercial products which include Devin™ filter for fast and efficient depletion of host DNA interference from whole blood of patients and Kit for microbial DNA extraction. With these products company expects to reduce the cost of sequencing up to 75% which will make sequencing test in diagnostics of infectious diseases much more affordable for patients.

Micronbrane Medical is now working with two medical centers in Taiwan on clinical testing of PaRTI-Seq™ (Pathogen Real-Time Identification by Sequencing) which includes full range of consumables and reagents required for end-user clinical diagnostic test. Within next two years company plans to use funding to hold the same clinical studies with several partners in the US and enter markets of the US and Europe with its RUO products.


Mengchu Wu, CEO and President of Micronbrane said:

“COVID-19 and recent Monkey Pox show that any infection can be life-threatening and need a fast and reliable test. PaRTI-Seq™ is all-in-one test which can identify any pathogens within just 24 hours. Our next goal is to ensure it can be used reliably in a diagnostic setting.”