Breakthrough Innovations in mNGS

Constantly emerging pathogens and global infectious disease events put tremendous pressure on current diagnostic modalities, which include cultures, PCR, and serology. Each of the methods have limitations, from inability to detect mixed infections, long turnaround times to low diagnostic yields

Metagenomic next-generation sequencing (mNGS) is gaining popularity because it has the ability to provide faster and more accurate identification of all types of known and unknown pathogens. Yet, mNGS is not yet widely used. Why? The major reason – host interference.



New Method for Eliminating Host Interference

Micronbrane Medical’s patented Devin Zwitterionic Interface Ultra-Self-assemble Coating (ZISC) technology removes greater than 99% of host nucleated cells from biological fluid in just five minutes.

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Easy, Efficient mNGS Workflow

Micronbrane Medical also developed the Pathogen Real-Time Identification by Sequencing (PaRTI-Seq™) kit to streamline the sample to result processes reducing the overall cost per sample. PaRTI-Seq includes reagents and consumables for sample preparation, microbial DNA extraction, NGS Library preparation for downstream sequencing and proprietary software.

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Clinical Validation

A recent study conducted at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital demonstrates how Micronbrane Medical’s patented host depletion filter, Devin™ Fractionation Membrane combined with the Pathogen Real-Time Identification by Sequencing (PaRTI-Seq) assay more accurately identified pathogens compared to other mNGS methods and blood cultures. In fact, the positivity rate of PaRTI-Seq™ was 82%.

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The Devin filter and the PaRTI-Seq assay remove barriers to widespread adoption of mNGS by reducing the cost, complexity while increasing diagnostic yield. We offer a program for researchers to test our products in your lab at no cost.