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  • Press Release

    Clinical Study Finds the Company's Devin™ Fractionation Membrane and Metagenomics Assay is More Accurate and Faster than Blood Cultures and Assays without a Host Depletion Filter

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  • AMP Europe 2023

    June 18-20, 2023 Milan, Italy

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  • ASM Microbe 2023

    June 15-19, 2023 - Houston, TX

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  • BIO International Convention 2023

    June 5-8, 2023 Boston Convention & Exhibition Center - Boston, MA

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  • Application Note – Enhancing mNGS with Small Volume Samples

    Collecting large volumes of biospecimen such as CSF or vitreous humour fluid can be challenging. Micronbrane developed a modified protocol of effective processing for scarce liquid biopsy using the Devin™ filter. This protocol is followed by the case study on processing clinical samples of 50 μL (0.05ml) vitreous humour fluid. Learn more about how the Devin™ filter enhances detection efficiency with the PaRTI-Seq™ workflow in this Application Note.

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