Unison™️ Ultralow DNA NGS Library Preparation Kit

Micronbrane is pleased to announce the launch of our latest product, the Unison™️ UltraLow DNA NGS Library Preparation Kit.

Get your NGS Library ready in Three Steps within 150 minutes with the newest Unison™️ Ultralow DNA NGS Library Preparation Kit. It is specifically optimized for different DNA sources (human, animal or microbial) with DNA input as low as 10 pg and ensures steady uniform insert size of 350 – 550 bp for ultimate results with sequencing on Illumina platforms.

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Why Tn5 based NGS library is good for your Ultralow DNA input

  • Three-step NGS Library preparation.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple manipulations with scarce DNA samples (compared to ligation-based library construction methods)
  • DNA fragmentation does not require separate mechanical or enzymatic steps.
  • Saving time and costs associated with shearing instruments or enzymatic kits.

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