Free Trial for Clinical Investigators and Translational Research Scientists

We welcome Clinical Investigators and Translational Research Scientists to collaborate with us in Clinical Research Free Trial Program!

Micronbrane Medical provides accurate, accelerated and affordable pathogen identification solutions for human bloodstream infections with its patented host depletion technology and proprietary analytical methods.

About the Program:

  • The Program is intended to allow Clinical Investigators and Translational Research Scientists to request and receive a complimentary samples of our products.
  • What is the Partnership Program? The program provides a complementary samples of our Pathogen ID products for investigators to try our products in their labs and evaluate and consider a possible future research collaboration.
  • What it’s not: It is not intended to provide materials for clinical use or for data generation for publication. You agree not to disclose or publish data obtained from this trial program Should you decide after evaluation that you’d like to formally study our products, that’s great. Please contact us directly.
  • You agree not to use the trial products in a clinical setting and will not used to direct or influence patient care. The Micronbrane products are for research purposes only.
  • You also agree to share the results of your trial with Micronbrane and we’ll agree to not disclose you or your institution’s participation in the program, or the results obtained from your evaluation.
  • You also agree that we may, at our discretion, use the data from your trial to develop marketing materials, and that we may collate or aggregate the information for any future potential disclosure and or publication. We will not disclose you or your institution’s information in these efforts.
  • You also agree that Micronbrane has and retains all rights to all the intellectual property, inventions and discoveries including any that result from this trial.

What we need from you:

  • Your name and title, contact info and email
  • Your Institution and Address
  • Your shipping address and any special instructions (lab phone number, hours for delivery, etc)
  • What kind of lab and lab equipment and supplies you have (Micronbrane can not supply any materials beyond our kits for this program and we’d like to be sure you have what you need to evaluate the products
  • Your proposed use of the product. (Give us a brief overview- 2-3 sentences of what you’ll be doing with the Micronbrane trial products). Please include what endpoints you’d like to use in the evaluation.

That’s it! That’s all we need from you and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss shipment.
Finally, we’re here to help. We are glad to offer technical or scientific support, so before, during, and especially after the evaluation, we’d like to stay connected with you. Before applying to the program we suggest you to check AREAS OF POTENTIAL RESEARCH INTEREST to define the best scope of collaboration between us!



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